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Board of Selectmen Agenda, Minutes and Archives

BOS Agenda for Wednesday, February 18th @ 5:30 pm

February 18th , 2015
Selectmen’s Meeting Room 65 State Road

Call to Order 5:30 pm


I. Old Business
1. Review of minutes from the 2-04 Meeting

II. New Business
1. Gay Head Lighthouse Excavation Contract – Keene Excavation
2. Gay Head Lighthouse Landscaping Contract – Landscope Construction
3. FY ’14 Cash Audit - Eric A. Kinsherf, CPA
4. UMass Estuaries project request for an end date extension to December 31, 2015
5. RAN Issuance Approval Request

III. Other Business
1. Assessment update
A. Tri-Town
B. MV Shellfish Group

IV. Adjourn