NOVEMBER 7, 2017

ATTENDING: Jim Newman (Chairman), Juli Vanderhoop, Gary Haley, Elise LeBovit, Marsha Shurfrin, Alan Rugg, Jay Smalley, Kathy Newman, Paul Manning, Frank Perez, Phoenix Becker and Jeff Madison, Town Administrator.

Chairman Newman called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

First business was a review of minutes from the meeting on October 17, 2017. The minutes were approved by acclamation as written.

A letter written to the Permanent Endowment Fund written by the Town Administrator was approved by the Board.

The Selectmen then took up an appointment to the Board of Assessors to fill a vacancy created by resignation of Elaine Vanderhoop. Elise LeBovit, on behalf of the BOA presented a letter from Marsha Shurfrin in which she volunteered to fill the unexpired term. Juli Vanderhoop moved that Ms. Shurfrin be appointed to fill the unexpired term. Gary Haley seconded the morion. The motion carried unanimously.

Jim Newman asked that a meeting between the Board of Assessors and the Selectmen be set up to continue communication between the two boards. Elise agreed to speak with her Board and arrange a date for the meeting.

Next on the agenda was a discussion of hours worked by the assistant hired by the Board of Health. After a back and forth discussion between Jim Glavin and Jim Newman it was agreed that the position would be paid for less than 18 hours per week. Phoenix Becker stated that she was still in the process of gathering files that had been stored electronically in the cloud that remain accessible only during certain hours.

The Selectmen decided to hold off on endorsing a revised operations plan submitted by the Cape Light Compact until the next meeting in order to give the Selectmen time to read the document.

Park and Recreation Committee appointments were deferred to allow Juli time to seek additional applicants to join. She mentioned that she had spoken to Jamie Sue Vanderhoop and Kristina Hook both of whom have agreed to serve. She also mentioned, and the Board endorsed, including two eighth grade students on the Committee. No specific date was given for reconsideration.

The Selectmen discussed a plan submitted by the Town Administrator to have time sheets of
all department employees submitted to the Town Administrator for approval before going to the Treasurer for payment. Julie moved that the policy be implemented, Gary seconded her motion. The vote was 3 in favor, and 0 opposed. It was agreed that the policy be submitted to the town Personnel Committee for inclusion in the Personnel By-law.

The Selectmen discussed adding four (4) hours to Sophia Welch’s position as Administrative Assistant to allow for Monday through Friday coverage at the receptionist window at the Town Office Building. Jim Newman mentioned that this had been discussed with FinCom and they had approved of the additional hours. The Selectmen approved the increase in hours by acclamation.

The Selectmen approved the opening of the scallop season on November 6 as recommended by the Shellfish Committee.

The Selectmen reviewed a letter from Anthony Kirincich of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) asking for permission to place research equipment at Philbin Beach. The Selectmen agreed to invite Mr. Kirincich their next meeting to provide more information.

The Selectmen discussed a letter from Jacob and Matthew Vanderhoop requesting that the Aquinnah Shop be issued a full-pour liquor license. Jim Newman recommended that this be discussed at a meeting dedicated to the request. The other Selectmen agreed. The Town Administrator agreed to write a letter informing Jacob and Matthew of the decision.

The Selectmen discussed the fire/smoke alarm system at the Town Office Building. Following the discussion that included the Town Administrator providing information on the lack of response by the current provider, Alarm New England, to recent malfunctions, the Selectmen voted to authorize the Town Administrator to terminate the contract with Alarm New England in favor of a contract with Electronic Security Systems, LLC, an island based company.

Under other business Julie suggested that due to expected cold weather the rest rooms at the Cliffs will be closed after this coming weekend. She suggested that two porta-potties be located at the cliffs to accommodate visitors who continue to come to the area. The Selectmen agreed with her suggestion. The Selectmen asked Jay Smalley whether his budget could cover the cost. He agreed to look into it.

Selectman decided to forgo the scheduled executive session until the next meeting to allow each of them time to review the proposed contract with the Town Administrator.

The meeting was adjourned by acclamation at 6:30 p.m.

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