Aquinnah Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting 8/1/2017 – Summer Residents Meeting
Aquinnah Town Hall Selectmen's Meeting Room

Members present: Chairman Jim Newman, Gary Haley and Julianne Vanderhoop
Also present: Board Administrator Assistant Sophia Welch, Town Treasure/HR Sibel Suman, Highway Foreman Frank Perez, Fire Chief Simon Bolin, MV Times Reporter Rich Saltzberg, and MV Gazette Reporter Alex Elvin

The meeting began at 5:05 pm.

- First on the agenda under Old Business was a review of minutes from 7/11/17 and 7/25/17.
Julianne motioned to approve both 7/11 and 7/25/17 minutes as presented. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3-0 in favor. The motion passed.

- Next under Old Business was correspondence. The Board reviewed a letter from Kathy Rainey, Islands End Condo Association, in regards to her appointment to the Gay Head Lighthouse Advisory Board in replacement of Renee Pianka.
Julianne motioned to appoint Kathy Rainey to the Lighthouse Advisory Board in replacement of Renee Pianka. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3-0 in favor. The motion passed.

- Next under Old Business in correspondence was an announcement letter from the Massachusetts Municipal Association pertaining to the annual MMA Statewide Essay Contest for 8th graders and Poster Contest for 3rd graders. The letter was seeking permission from all Massachusetts municipals to invite local schools to participate in the contest. The Board, by consensus, agreed to give the MMA permission to contact the local schools.
Jim signed the support letter presented.

- Next under New Business, Sibel notified the Selectmen on a legal issue regarding the former Building Inspector and Zoning Enforcement Officer Mark Barbadoro. Prior to his resignation, Mr. Barbadoro had filed a tree cutting zoning violation on behalf of the Town and Planning Board. Town Counsel has requested Mr. Barbadoro’s attendance at mediation and he is seeking reimbursement for his time. Sibel informed that there is money in Building Inspector Wages to reimburse Mr. Barbadoro.
Julianne motioned to reimburse Mr. Barbadoro and for him to continue, as needed, in the legal case. Gary seconded.
The Board voted 3-0 in favor. The motion passed.
Sophia is to respond to both Mark Barbadoro and Mr. Goldstein in regards to the Boards vote.

- Next under New Business, Julianne discussed the need for signage at Philbin. Julianne has noticed what is called “dune surfing” where kids surf down the dunes on the beach with boogie boards. She had reached out to the Wampanoag Tribe Rangers to see if they had any signage to post. The Selectmen agreed that this activity is detrimental to the dunes and the public should be informed. Jim asked for a letter to be sent to Bret Stearns, Wampanoag Tribe Natural Resource Director, asking for his thoughts and solutions in the matter.

- Jim asked if anyone had any questions to bring forth to the Board. Alex Elvin of MV Times asked if there was a Selectmen meeting on August 4th to which the Board responded yes. No further discussion was had on the matter.

- In Other Business Sophia updated the Board that the executed Rights of Entry for Construction had been received back from the Army Corps with all appropriate signatures. The Board reviewed the agreement again.

- In Other Business, Simon reported that the new fire truck will be put into service on Thursday night, August 3rd. There will be training with Bull Dog Fire on Saturday, August 5th.

- In Other Business, Sibel notified the Board that they had received an agreement renewal from the Town of Chilmark regarding the Lobsterville Beach Dredge Sand Removal project. An agreement had been signed, however, it has expired and the project is ongoing. Sibel will be bringing the agreement to Jim, Chairman, to sign.

- In Other Business, Jim informed the Board that Jim Glavin, Chairman of the Board of Health, had written a letter to the Selectmen regarding the Board of Health Inspectors resignation.

- Jim asked if there was anything else to come before the Board. Hearing none, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
The Board voted 3 – 0 in favor. The motion passed.

-The meeting ended at 5:16 pm.

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