Permits and Licenses - special

schedule of fees
Special Permits/Licenses    __$ fees:
(application forms attached below)
Temporary Food Permit:
Required for all food vendors at Special Events and Catered Events held at Town venues. 
Special and Catered Events       $  25
A food vendor or caterer must have a base of operations in a permitted Food Establishment that complies with all provisions of the Retail Food Code. A food vendor or caterer must inform the Aquinnah Board of Health prior to serving food. (105 CMR 590.010(A) Temporary Food Permits are required for all food vendors and caterers who operate on Town property. (Aquinnah Board of Health)
One-Day Beer & Wine license*   100
*submit application and fee to Town Selectboard 
Well Construction:      
Well Construction Permit                50
Disposal Works:       
Septic Construction Permit           175
Septic System Repair Permit          50
Septage Pump Out Permit              25

                checks payable to: Town of Aquinnah
mail forms and payments to: Town of Aquinnah
                                                           Board of Health
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